By-law of Biosfera I. pdf


Official bulletin of the Republic of Cape Verde - Biosfera I. pdf

Biosfera 1 Strategic Plan. pdf



Newsletter # 3 / 3st Trimester 2017 / Series 1. pdf

Newsletter # 2 / 2nd Trimester 2016 / Series 1. pdf

Newsletter # 1 / 1st Trimester 2016 / Series 1. pdf



Biosfera 1 Flyer . pdf


Rodrigues I, Geraldes P, Oliveira N, Oliveira J & Melo T (2014). Estimating population density of rodents in a deserted island and its variation along the year - Situation of mice and rats in Santa Luzia, Cabo Verde. pdf


Rocha P, Catry P, Melo J, Melo T (2014). Interviews with fishermen suggest european longlining threatens sea turtle populations in Cape Verdean waters. pdf


Rocha P, Melo T, Catry P (2014). A significant nesting population of loggerhead turtles on the nature reserve of Santa Luzia, Cape Verde. pdf