Biosfera I, a charitable non-governmental association for the protection of the environment, was formed in 2006 as an outcome from the first Ecofeira on Cape Verde, which took place in the city of Praia on the island of Santiago. The two founding members – José and Tommy Melo – who have long shared a fascination in the extraordinary natural wealth of the country, were encouraged to take further action having founded the association.


Biosfera caught the attention of visitors to the rapid degradation of valuable natural heritage of Cape Verde and the threats to the environmental balance of our islands.

The ECOFEIRA was a success and the head of government of Cape Verde at the time asked an NGO to take charge of the fight for conservation and preservation of the environment, ensuring the preservation of our heritage was created.

Thus, the Biosphere I have been playing a very important role in the communities with sensitization, and directly on the ground protecting the species. For this the help of volunteers, young people and adults is of utmost importance.