Avifauna Conservation on the Raso Islet

The Raso Islet, with an area of only 5,76 km2 , is a zone of great importance for shearwaters (endemic of the Cape Verde islands), since we can find here one of the biggest colonies of this specie. The great biological value of this islet is even more noticeable as it shelters other important species populations, such as the Brown Boobie, Red-billed Tropicbird, Madeiran Storm Petrel, Bulwer´s Petrel, Cape Verde Little Shearwater and the endemic Raso Lark, or even the Giant Gecko.

Every year, during the months of June to November, Biosfera keeps a camping in the islet for protection, focusing mainly on the shearwaters during the reproductive season. The campaign has the following objectives:

- Shearwaters marking and ringing 

- Monitoring and collecting of biometric data (weight, sex, tarsus, wing length)

- Scientific investigation (birds and geckos)

- Population sensus of resident species

- Individual marking of parents with GPS-loggers

For many years, shearwaters were captured by fishermen for consumption, suffering a dramatic decrease at the population level. Today this specie is considered endangered but not in risk of extinction, thanks to the continuous effort made by Biosfera I.