Sensitization in Schools - Protecting Cape Verde Sea Birds

This sensitization project of the local sea birds took place from January to May of the academic year 2017-2018, Biosfera 1 present it to all the elementary schools and 3 of 5 high schools of San Vicente island.

After this campaign the public was well informed about the dangers that suffer constantly the sea birds and also what can be done to save and preserve them.

Students and teachers discovered the different type of sea birds present in Cape Verde and the importance that represent for our Country.

The good results of this project was the hight participation of the children that asked a lot of questions and join the different games about sea birds.

In the next academic year 2018/2019 the same project is planning to reach the school of two other islands: Santo Antão and São Nicolau.

We have been already in contact whit the Delegates of Education of the districts of Porto Novo, Paúl and Ribeira Grande for the future collaborations.


Our partners in this project are: the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, the Ministry of Education of Cape Verde, MAVA, BirdLife International and SPEA - Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds.