Specie, Lapinura josemeloi, was coined with name of the Mr. José Melo

It is a small and rare species of Cape Verdean mollusc, found in Baía das Gatas on the island of São Vicente.


In the middle of December of last year, there was published by Spanish investigators the description of this new sort for the science, but it is only now that this information reached in the solid form to our knowledge.


The spécie, Lapinura josemeloi, gained the name of the Mr. José Melo and the etymology in the formal publication is read: josemeloi, nominated in honor of the naturalist José Melo, founder of the Cape Verdean ONG Biosfera I, in recognition to his conservationist and publicizing work in defense of the biodiversidade of the islands of Cape Verde, recently distinguished with the title of "Man of the Year" in the gala "We Are Cape Verde - The best of the 2017 year”.


In this way, this Cape Verdean naturalist and conservationist sees his name immaterialised in the life sciences.


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