Specie, Lapinura josemeloi, was coined with name of the Mr. José Melo

It is a small and rare species of Cape Verdean mollusc that was found in Baía das Gatas in the island of São Vicente.


In the middle of December of last year, Spanish researchers published an article where this new species was described but took sometimes before this information reach us.


This species called "Lapinura josemeloi", and named in the formal publication as "josemeloi" was named after the naturalist Mr. José Nelo to honour his work for the defense of the biodiversity in Cape Verde since he is the founder of the Cape Verdean ONG Biosfera I.


During the cerimony "We are Cape Verde - The Best of the 2017 year", Melo earned as well the title of "Man of the year".


In this way, the name of this Cape Verdean naturalist and conservationist got more popularity.



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