The Raso Lark (Alauda razae) monitoring work has began!

The NGO Biosfera 1 has been working since 2012 with the Raso Lark (Alauda razae) expert, Michael Brooke, Professor at the University of Cambridge (UK), with more than 10 years of experience in this species. Work is already on the way, and as the name suggests, Raso Lark is an endemic species of the Raso islet that has only 7 km2 . Technicians of Biosfera 1 and UNI-CV student, Jéssica Matos, are learning with Professor Brooke about all bird handling techniques, biometric data collection (weight, length) and ringing. The data collected will be used by Jessica in the preparation of her Internship Report.

The work is part of the project for the Restoration of the Santa Luzia and Islets Branco and Raso in partnership with the National Directorate for Environment (DNA), SPEA (Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds) and RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Bird). This project also has the financial support of the MAVA Foundation, and its main objective is to:

- Implement the Management Plan of the Marine Reserve and the Restoration of its Natural Values.