Tommy Melo


Has one of the founders of Biosfera 1, Tommy Melo is the current Director of Conservation of the NGO. With a Biology degree from University of Coimbra, he also holds a postgraduate degree in Oceanography from the University of Azores. Tommy is one of the pillars of the organization that for several years has been fully dedicated to the conservation of Nature. In 2014 he undertakes the president role of the NGO.



Nadina Rodrigues


With a degree in Business Management from the ISCEE, she has been in charge of all the administrative part of the NGO since 2014.



Nathalie Almeida


With a master degree in Conservation Biology from University of Évora, Nathalie is the artistic designer of the NGO.



Patrícia Rocha


Graduated in Marine Biology from the University of Algarve, and having completed her Masters´ degree in Ecology and Marine Conservation, Patrícia is responsible for the coordination of the NGO's digital communication.



Valter Rocha


Informatic technician and webmaster of Biosfera 1 since July 2017.






The vessel Jairo Mora Sandoval kindly donated by GLOBAL SEA SHEPHERD is the main boat providing the assistance to the ongoing conservation projects.




Ivan Pires


Captain of the vessel Jairo Mora Sandoval.



José Melo


He is one of the founders of Biosphere 1 and currently the first mate of the vessel Jairo Mora Sandoval. As an environmentalist, José Melo actively collaborates in all projects, mainly the ones involving bird monitoring in the islet of Raso. He is also responsible for the NGO social media. In July of 2017 in the celebration gala “Somos Cape Verde 2017”, José Melo was awarded "Man of the Year".



Dave Spencer


Sailor and auxiliary machinery with training in mechanics.







Isabel Rodrigues


With a degree in Marine Biology and Fisheries from the University of Cape Verde, coordinates the work carried out at Ilheu Raso being also a technician responsible for the monitoring and counting of migratory birds at ETAR Sao Vicente, included in the Passim project.



Arielson Delgado


Degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Cape Verde. He has been responsible for the monitoring and protection of sea turtles in Santa Luzia since July 2017.



Kenny Delgado


Volunteer since 2013 is currently an NGO field technician.



Every year, Biosfera 1 receives a number of national and international volunteers who provide essential assistance to projects carried out by the NGO. It would be impossible to list them all, but Biosfera 1 thanks you for your dedication and support in our conservation efforts. If you want to become a volunteer in Biosphere 1, see how you can do it here.