Volluntering programme

Biosphere 1 is looking for volunteers to work on the project of conservation and monitoring of sea turtles on the island of Santa Luzia.

The island of St. Lucia is part of the Marine Reserve of Santa Luzia and islets Branco and Raso. It is the only desert island and the smallest of the country with few freshwater points.

During the months of June to October it receives about 500 breeding females of the species Caretta caretta (Loggerhead turtle, common or red). This specie can nest more than once at the same time, but only one to two per thousand babies in nature reach adulthood, about 30 years later.

The monitoring work in the deserted island has happened since 2011 with the support of several national and international partners: National Direction for Environment, Rufford Foundation, Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

For the year 2015 we expect to have new / old partnerships and with national and international volunteers as in previous years.


In this context, registrations are open for volunteering.


The information and conditions are as follows:

1. The project runs from 15 June to 30 October

2. Having more than 18 years!

3. Be responsible, passion for working in nature and teamwork!

4. The minimum stay is 2 weeks (we do not accept people who want to spend less time)

5. All interested parties should send an email or private message on facebook, the time you want to stay:


Example: Isabel Almeida

Age: 18 years

Duration stay: June 15 to July 15


A selection of volunteers, by personal interview or skype will be made.


6. All selected are warned in advance of the departure date (depending on weather)

7. Biosfera offers the boat trip from S. Vicente (Biosphere headquarters) to Santa Luzia, accommodation (tents), camping and food material during the stay at the camp.

8. Volunteers should bring personal materials (including solar and lip screen, a hat, footwear and clothes that are comfortable and old).

9. Fresh water is rationed to drink. The baths are made at sea (salt water) and should be aware that even the most experienced volunteers can only stay a maximum of one month on the island (strong sun, deserted island, hard work).

10. The selected volunteers receive training on the field, so the lack of experience or not being a biologist are not imperative requirements.

11. The daytime jobs begin at 4: 30h (am) and end at about 9:10 am (morning). The night work begin at 21h (depending on the tides).

12. Inexperienced volunteers are not selected for night work initially.

13. For each selected volunteer is selected a replacement if there is any impediment.

14. The works are:

Day patrols: marking nests with GPS and other marks, translocation of nests in risk to safe areas, eggs and offspring count, saving lost adult females, releasing youngs, hatchery building etc.

Night patrols: turtles marking with PIT, take DNA samples, measuring etc ...

15. A volunteer must be versatile and willing to work in day or night patrols.

16. Work is very methodical and time is the enemy due to the biology of the species (the sun dehydrates turtles, which can lead to blindness and even death; translocation of the eggs may only be made up to 12 hours after laying) . Thus, the work schedule is HARSH to avoid increased mortality rate.

17. Free time is spent playing cards, bathing, surfing, fishing, hiking etc, etc.

18. Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not allowed in the camp.

19. It is strongly advised to inform us if you have any health condition that can cause problems (asthma, diabetics, allergies). It is not an exclusionary factor.

20. You can acquire a visa to Cape Verde, on arrival at the airport. Although, it is advisable to request for information on the embassies and consulates.



June 15 to June 30: 4/5 volunteers

July 1 to July 30: 4/5 volunteers

1 August to 30 August: 5/6 volunteers

September 1st to September 30th: 5/6 volunteers

1 October to 30 October: 4/5 volunteers


For more information and registration contact: geral@biosfera1.com




Phone (00238) 2317929 : 9:00 am to 13 :00 (Monday to Friday)