Who we are

Biosfera 1 is a charitable non-governmental association for the protection of the environment, was formed in 2006 as an outcome from the first Ecofeira on Cape Verde, which took place in the city of Praia on the island of Santiago.

Because of the rapid degradation of the valuable natural heritage of Cape Verde, the two founding members – José and Tommy Melo – who have long shared a fascination in the extraordinary natural wealth of the country, were encouraged to take further action having founded the association.

Biosfera 1 is not just a simple environmental protection organisation.  Over the past few years, its performance has been characterised by direct intervention in the field, through campaigns and projects, with the objective of implementing immediate and effective measures, in the short and medium term, that guarantee the preservation of our common heritage.  Biosfera 1 is as well a national institution.  Although its headquarters are based on the island of São Vicente, its actions are mainly focused on the study and conservation of the marine and coastal ecosystems of the Cape Verde archipelago, extending to other islands such as Santo Antão, Maio, and Santa Luzia and others.